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Free sms software PC SMS - Send SMS from your PC or Outlook or Outlook Express with your mobile phone no.
ComUnified.com allows your company to send text messages (SMS) in a easy and convenient way. You can define for each employee what the Sender ID should be. (e.g. his phone no. or your company name!).

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With our Desktop SMS Software your co-workers can send SMS directly from Microsoft Outlook?and Outlook Express?(NEW!) and hence communicate instantly with collegues on the go.

ComUnified allows you to send single or bulk messages worldwide.


NotePager 32 free sms software worldwide SMS software

Benefits include:

messages can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients on a single telecom provider or paging carrier.

monitor the length of text messages sent to cellular phones so you do not incur any "over" charges.

point and click ease of use.

For additional features and power consider NotePager Pro
An easy to use free SMS software, that allows for free sms messages to be sent to mobile phones or pagers. Send text or SMS messages to one or more paging devices via a computer. NotePager 32 supports sending messages to cell phones, PCMCIA pagers cards, Nextel, PCS or digital phones. A built in character counter allows for message length to be monitored.